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Atrium Eye Care front office

W.W. Forsyth opened a small optometric office in the McMillan building of downtown Saskatoon in 1930.He was joined by his son Austin Forsyth in 1948 to form the practice we now call the Atrium Optometric Group. Atrium has since grown into one of the largest optometric practices in Western Canada by providing the utmost in vision care for its patients.

Our new building in downtown Saskatoon is a testament to the advances in the science of vision care and truly a state-of-the-art facility. Our five doctors and twenty-seven staff provide diagnosis and treatment of common eye disorders and external eye diseases as well as providing eyeglasses, contact lenses, binocular vision training and laser vision correction consultations.

Our alliance with FYI Eye Doctors allows us to provide well trained staff, high quality service and the very best products. We have the very latest in examination technology including an Optomap for complete 200 degree imaging of the retina and a Heidelberg Retinal tomographer for early detection of glaucoma. For more information about these exciting innovations please click the icons below for links to their websites. We welcome new patients and thank our existing
patients for their loyalty.

We are open six days a week and have doctors on call for eye health emergencies.

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